Discipleship Ministry

Our Discipleship Ministry is primarily responsible for developing every Christian believer into disciples who develop other disciples through relationship building, biblical studies, and spiritually engaging discussions.

Leader: Rev. Johnny S. Fox III

Evangelism Ministry

Our Evangelism Ministry spreads the Gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of the church into our homes and community. The goal is to reach people who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of their lives.

Leader: Rev. Calvin Ashcraft

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

The primary responsibility of our Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to intercede for the spiritual, physical, emotional, and material need of others. The ministry earnestly prays for the Body of Christ, the salvation of souls, wisdom of governmental officials, the well-being of our community, and all of humanity.

Leader: Rev. Edward Robinson

Joint Ministry

Our Joint Ministry is led by our pastor and is comprised of our deacons and trustees. Together,they prayerfully guide our church’s decision-making processes in line with God’s word and will for us. They take ownership in promoting Salem’s Mission:To expand God’s Kingdom one family at a time through prayer, the preached word, evangelism, discipleship and relationships.

  • Our Deacon Ministry is an extension of the pastor,and ministers to the congregation by helping to develop spiritual maturity and meet material needs. Our deacons are passionate about developing a more Christ-like congregation who are committed to the standard of ministry exemplified in the Word of God.

    Leader: Deacon Irving W. Wilson, Jr.

  • Our Trustee Ministry is responsible for the fiduciary matters of our church and ensures that we meet all regulatory and tax requirements. Our trustees are also responsible for the physical structure of the church; including maintenance, development, and security of the facility, both internally and externally. Additionally, they are responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all of our equipment and supplies.

    Leader: Trustee Maria Alexander

Missionary Ministry

Our Missionary Ministry exists to do God’s work through service to the church and community. While ministering to the physical need of the disadvantaged, the missionaries have as opportunity to demonstrate God’s love, touch spirits and bring others to Christ. The Missionary Ministry is actively involved in mission outreach in convalescent homes, hospital, jails, prisons and the shut-in at home.


Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry provides the musical underpinning for our worship experience. Through soulful expressions of contemporary and traditional psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, the ministry helps usher us into an atmosphere of praise and receptivity to the preached Word of God.

Leader: Malcolm Willoughby  

Nursery Ministry

Our Nursery Ministry provides safe, secure, nurturing, clean and efficient care to our children six months to two years. Ministry responsibilities include playing with children or directing their play, reading to them, praying for each child, and exhibiting Christ-like patience and love.

Leader: Maxine Taylor

Nurses Ministry

Our Nurses Ministry provides our guests and members who are experiencing physical challenges with essential assistance. The ministry also serves as a source of education on medical and health matters.

Leader: Evelyn Wallace

Ushers Ministry

Our Ushers Ministry represents Christ and our church with genuine hospitality and grave to all our guests and members. The ministry ensures that the facility is conducive to receiving guests, seats our attendees, and monitors the entrances and exits.

Leader: Jewel Davis

Youth & Young Adult Ministry

Our Youth and Young Adult Ministry is a culturally relevant, Biblically-based ministry that is aligned with the church’s core mission, and fosters spiritual growth, community outreach, and Christian discipleship among our youth and young adults.

Leader: Courtney McIntosh-Peters